TC-Helicon VoiceWorksPlus
TC-Helicon VoiceWorksPlus

VoiceWorksPlus, Vocal Processor from TC-Helicon in the VoiceWorks series.

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arnoldorodeo 03/15/2013

TC-Helicon VoiceWorksPlus : arnoldorodeo's user review

«  Good but not miraculous »

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it is a harmonizer. For the novice it is a generator choirs to accompany your singing. In fact three modes are possible: either you enter the machine in which the range is the tone of your voice (do, mi, sol / major, minor, 7th etc ...), or you play the chords on a keyboard, generating harmony around your voice. Finally A third mode is possible with a pre-recorded voice and sent to the TC system via an insert in your DAW spdif. There are also analog input-output machine (but only in the back ...)


At TC, the menus and sub-menus are very comprehensive, though it is necessary to have some knowledge in harmony ... and technology! I'm a little hard because the manual is very well done, clean and clear. The editing your presets however, can be quickly puzzle. Many parameters for the detune the guttural formant shift etc ...


Good surprises, paradoxically, came the effects of reverb and delay. It is clear, precise, profound. Chorus are also quite impressive.
On the principal, that is to say, the Harmonizer, I can not say I was overly impressed. While TC promises to be at the forefront of this technology, I must admit that in terms of likelihood nothing is finalized. The voices are sometimes pitchées "duck", sometimes "poltergeist" never resemblance to real singers.


I use the TC later in the mix and I must admit that it works ... if you underexpose the vocal tracks. Do not expect miracles, nothing ever worth real choirs made by real humans! At a time when a lot of progress is being made in computer music, it seems that the worst is finally artificially reproduce something simple and complicated at the same time: Your voice.