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Vienna Symphonic Library Products For Download

The Vienna Symphonic Library recently made their Instruments Collections available for download, and alternatively, on their Vienna Hard Drive.

Coinciding with the delivery transition and the release of the new hard drive, the Austrian company announces a “3+1 for Free” Limited Time Offer during the month of August. Customers who purchase three Vienna Instruments Collections will receive one Collection for free.


Twenty-four Vienna Instruments Collections are currently available for download in the categories of Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Keyboards & Percussion, and Voices. Prices range from EUR155* (for the Harps Standard Library) up to EUR495* (for the Brass II Extended Library). In addition to Vienna’s individual Instruments Collections offerings, customers will find 12 specially prized Bundles (ranging from the Solo Strings Bundle to the complete Vienna Super Package). Particularly when purchasing Bundles, downloading all of the library files with a low-speed Internet connection could be daunting. By ordering the optional Vienna Hard Drive customers will receive the installation files of all Vienna Instruments Collections on a device that also works for backup and recovery. The 640 GB USB hard drive contains about 1.2 million orchestral samples.


The users’ registered Serial Numbers unlock the corresponding Instruments Collections on the Vienna Hard Drive, while also giving access to the User Area where all of their purchased products will always remain available for download.


*For prices in US-$, please visit the website of Vienna’s North American distributor ILIO.


“3+1 Limited Time Offer”

Coinciding with the product transformation and the release of the new Vienna Hard Drive the Vienna Symphonic Library announces a limited time offer in August: Customers who purchase three Vienna Instruments Collections of the same Library portion (Standard, Extended or Full Library) between August 1 and August 31, 2012 will receive one Instruments Collection for free. The price of the free Vienna Instruments Collection must be equal to or lower than the price (MSRP) of the most expensive Collection that has been purchased. Customers may multiply their free Vienna Instruments Collections by ordering as many Collections as they want, and may benefit from the specially priced Bundles as well.


More information on the company’s products can be found at www.vsl.co.at

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