Alesis Fusion 8HD
Alesis Fusion 8HD
toux ranjo 11/21/2009

Alesis Fusion 8HD : toux ranjo's user review


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I have Alesis Fusion 8HD just 2 powered speakers Prodipe 8, a small stone phaser EH.

The keyboard is heavy (heavy weight), and the feel is light I find compared to a piano.

The connector is designed for the sampling and connected to a computer via USB for example, or compact flash card.

Modern design.

For my level and my needs, this tool is oversized and I run a few percent of its potential!


Ooh my, ergonomics is wrong damn! you really have to spend time to understand; but once done, it fits what and settings come quickly.


With Hollow Sun banks or downloadable and convertible SoundFont, we arrive at a rich and own palette; because the preset sounds are not very euphoric tell us!

What interests me is sounds like 70/80 years mellotron, strings, choirs etc ... and there I take my foot!

So I love the sound of this instrument! with Hollow Sun banks !!!


well, I'm not a musician, but I mumuse with Fusion for some time, and I find its sound palette of rich, personally. And for what I do, I give it a very good overall rating, me not musicos small beginner and I am.

I reproduce the atmosphere of 70/80, of Vangelis, Jarre, Kitaro and other synthésistes tangerine dreamien ...

then, well, I can not read sheet music, I reproduce only by ear and I play on the keyboard with up to 3 fingers. I use the sequencer as a recorder, and I apply the technique of re-recording, track after track, recording with the internal metronome.

But hey, it's sometimes not very fair tempo and fingerings are unattractive ... I'm not musicos myself!

So some samples on YouTube here:

I find really interesting and this instrument ... bear with me, I begin!

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