FP User 10/31/2008

Korg Karma : FP User's user review


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I love everything about this keyboard/workstation. The only complaint that I have is I wish I would have bought it sooner.

Price paid

about $1450


It's very easy to use, especially the sequencer(16 tracks). The manual is pretty good, but not perfect.

The only complaint I have is I'm afraid after using some of the buttons that are used over and over again they might wear out. Customer support is great because the guy that invented it will personally answer your questions on his yahoo group site.


The sounds are pretty good. There are a few that could be better. Some of the drum kits are a bit lame and the guitars aren't that great, but overall it's reaaly good. I don't really use any of the effects because I do all that in the studio when mixing. The only improvements I would recommend and I could say this about every keyboard, get rid of the weird stupid stuff nobaody uses and for the Karma speciffically, better drum kits.


Great keyboard and the price is great. Screw a triton and get the Karma.Most of the sounds are the same plus the K.a.r.m.a. function is cool.

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Posted by: Unknown ( 3-, 2003)