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Cross angel 11/04/2005

Korg Karma : Cross angel's user review


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For me this machine has everything it takes to be an instrument in itself!


Getting started is easy: set of combinations with the Karma function. The use of the sequencer is easy too.
The main difficulty is in creating combinations using the Karma when you start: a lot of parameters with a lack of visibility on what you do (you must use the manual settings Karma to monitor and understand what are the values parameters). But over time you get used to, we understand better the concept and we are proud to master the machine!


I bought Orchestral sound cards, and Future Loop Construction. In terms of realism I have not found even better. Do you dream of driving a band but you're alone? Frankly, use the cards Orchestral is a real treat!
There is no sound that I hate. Even those that I found ugly departure took place somewhere. I really fell in love with the Korg sounds to the point that many other brands seem hollow ...


I have the Karma since 2001 and I never tire of it all. The combinations are endless you can create (for each new research findings it is surprising we do and we see no limits!) And it is a real treat when playing live: in 15 minutes can be create a song live that can last 5 / 10 / 15 minutes or more, and each game can be different! We can really let go with this machine! For those who do not have time to program, operate Karma saves a lot of time and it's really all you want (the factory sounds are excellent)!
I reffer choice without hesitation, and I even have a huge desire to buy a 2nd to create combinations of eight programs instead of 4! It would be HUGE, especially live! Korg thank you for this instrument, the instrument of my life!