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iTek 04/21/2003

Korg Karma : iTek's user review


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The keyboard touch is enjoyable synth. Keys - especially white - have a deuxime notched to the after-touch. All Controller are also enjoyable even if they could be a little bigger.
No problem of connection and everything works well trs.
Too bad it does not have an XY pad all that Korg makes them!


To learn to operate the machine, one must spend a lot of the same time. I tend to use the presets.
It really lacks a software edition available in some countries but not in France. It seems that he can order online but then it's a bit CHRE!
The manual is comprehensive but the machine is so complex ... not easy to find if you want to make the Fast Fashion's sound design.


The sounds are amazing. This is my first Korg instruments - see my home studio setup - and I can say I'm glad. It provides over Whereas both sound great for the atmosphere at the level of possibility of "squenseur" internal gnre couraging phrases impossible otherwise. And it's not pipo!


I use it for several months. The sounds and I are squenseur prfre.
The price is quite justified for this machine ... more I bought used.
I would do the same choice and I advise anyone who wants good sound textures diffrent other brands to buy this synth. At least the going to cost.

; =)