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Korg Tr 76
Korg Tr 76

Workstation from Korg belonging to the TR series.

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Black-raven Black-raven
Publié le 11/21/08 à 05:28
Entry-level Workstation with Korg, the features are pretty good even though today we did better. See the specs at Korg!
I find the feel very different from the version 61 notes: it is firmer, more pleasant, but it's still a light touch plastic. It suits me but since I touch a keyboard with heavy quality, I can not.
There are some knobs on the front that can be assigned. It's convenient and they are quality (coating in a kind of gum, slight resistance to rotation).
The construction of the keyboard seems robust, the hull is made of metal


The first thing to do is read the manual which is not super clear.

Almost everything is done through menus and it is quickly lost. When one understands the logic of the keyboard is a little better, but still I find using a little complex when you want to dig a little deeper.

Where I put a big Korg least is not having planned to use bank. If you want to save a sound or a combination, it is imperative to crush an existing location. They could use competition at this level.

In short, with this keyboard you really take time to fully exploit it.


If the use is weak, the sounds they make as a big slap! Forget the acoustic instruments (pianos are terrible, too metallic) and lean on the organ, tablecloths, strings, bass and synth sounds: it is simply amazing! This keyboard has excellent dynamics and a large potato, especially in combi mode. For electronic music, great!
I am not 10 because of the pianos really too bad.


I own this keyboard for 2 years now and I must say that the sound quality is truly amazing. The problem is that I play less and less style electronics and more and more piano (I own a CP33). My style is changing and this keyboard does not correspond necessarily to my needs. If it again (given my current tastes), I would not buy either the TR or the CP33, but with a single keyboard key hammer-quality and versatile.
But this takes away absolutely nothing to the quality of this keyboard is really a killer in electronic sounds.