Korg M3 61
Korg M3 61

M3 61, Workstation from Korg in the M3 series.

Green 07/13/2007

Korg M3 61 : Green's user review


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See site for Korg caracterisrique.
but mitigates the first printing for the somewhat cheap product.
Personally, I find it very successful in look.
the keyboard 73 notes is frankly disappointing (it seems ....) semi ballast
Briefly, the interior is better INTERESTED ....


I just got the M3-73 notes.
so it's just a quick opinion and not a exhaustif.juste Premire impression.
use is simple, even intuitive except for the part KARMA.
the touch screen is really well done and is very ractif.
It changes the first notches ....
the sequencer is not what he does best, but there again, you do not lose too much time.
I will come back over I would have done a more complete tour


The Card Radiant (light version of the module) is a good level. (A little disappointed, however, the factory presets)
It sounds really pretty and the little I've heard reassures me about the potential of the machine. very dynamic and impressive bass. Karma is frankly Drout and little work wonders as it can make "things" very clumsy.
but it is a vritable more than I'll try to tame quickly.
in my opinion, should not unduly burden the trails to enjoy it ...
In any case, Premire very positive impression of the sounds.
Motif my face 6, it was not too ashamed anyway
it's on, I will make an additional opinion soon


Leaving the cot rat look (personal opinion) and the cot really cheap keyboard and buttons (must make economic) we will be guided with a lot of fun in the workstation of very good quality.
Karma brings a indniablement more about this style of machine, but I think that sounds very good as I recall, are a dea Motif XS.
matter of taste, no doubt.
mi-mi synth arranger is the Next-Generation Keypad, which is required.
in any case, my opinion is not forged and I expect to practice enough to clarify my thinking on this machine.