Korg Triton 61
Korg Triton 61

Triton 61, Workstation from Korg in the Triton series.

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youmolobors 09/08/2005

Korg Triton 61 : youmolobors's user review


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Hello everyone.
I just give an overall opinion on the machine.

notice to critic of korg! the newt (base so) is a highly versatile machine, used by many groups (spyro gira, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea in addition to the Fender Rhodes as well as many other artists) c it is still not closed out of interest. pianos are not top it's true but I personally sample of a Steinway concert and sound that takes up much space, but there is a tear vraiment.il superb bass among others for running jazz walkings c excellent.je is doing the scene for 20 years and I used the roland yamaha, korg, and I'm in a long time and I would not change what is plus.pour price, a member is cheap, but it's not a good Bontempi not, let us put things in perspective.

In conclusion, you have a great bike for the price, you can go without fear.


Config not very complicated.

editing is reserved for programmers (in my opinion).

the manual is very simple, quick start for the scene with the original sounds.


The effects are basics, should not be too angry to that side.
biien keyboard reacts to velocity and aftertouch.

I find the sounds of hammond b3 not too bad on stage that also requires the fait.le piano (with a good sound engineer anyway).


I used the last 2 years.

value for money more than correct anything to say.