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Korg Triton Pro X 88
Korg Triton Pro X 88

Workstation from Korg belonging to the Triton series.

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MGR/tony brindley MGR/tony brindley

« Korg Triton Pro X »

Publié le 05/11/05 à 15:00
paid cash at eddie's music in beat guitar cr. with the skb case, stand, and pedals) for $3500 otd/all. why= i'm a project musician, mostly drums, and wanted full, weighted keys to practice with, and quickly got bored with other keyboards.

i've had it for 2 years, have'nt had to pick up the manual (yet!). very easy to get around, and in it. i am constantly surprised by the patches, and what you can do with them. for ex., play a drum loop, bass guiter left hand, piano right, and when you strike hard, a horn section kicks in. the samples, and synth-sounds are gnarly! it keeps me very is VERY cool to have 88.

i practice with a set of killer h-phones, and when i gig, it's difficult to reproduce the exact sounds i hear thru the phones-even though it's going thru a monster p.a.! the piano, strings and woodwinds are'nt as true as through the head-phones. the lows can explode the subwoofers if i'm not careful,but that's actually something i LIKE! it's a beast! with the case, it weighs a ton and i have to wear an athletic support so i don't pop a nut..also, i can't fit easily thru switch-back doorways and staircases. must watch out for small children and pets.

tough guy! i've banged it around a bit and it keeps on tickin... the aluminum fininsh is kinda porous, and picks up hand oils, then makes it tough to clean, because i'm afraid of chemicals...same with the sound ribbon and touch-screen... i know what you're thinkin, but dirt-happens! i wish it had more outs (configurations and XLR)

big and beautiful! good cheesy noise. the size and weight are a hassle for set-up, breakdown, and transport, but helps on stage 'cause it does'nt move when i slam it, and it makes me look thinner.

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