Roland FA-08
Roland FA-08

FA-08, Workstation from Roland in the FA series.

My Absolut 10/09/2014

Roland FA-08 : My Absolut's user review

«  It's ugly !!! But it is well »

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Well I do not have time to write everything! But that's fine!

For me, the keyboard is a must in this price range that's great. I liked a smaller keyboard to type 76 but lives touched heavy, but good considering that the beast is not too heavy we'll say it's okay.

Good sampler pads are soft, but hey it's still going.

Oh yeah and the SUB an additional output that can send back a metronome or otherwise. Whore for the scene it's great. Really well done to Roland.


This device is very simple, you have hacked 5 minutes, it lacks a little button if beyond, but there always comes at the end.

Editing sound is great, easy to death, plus the effects are really good. there are three modes TONE SPLIT edition and STUDIO. I love the third one that allows the end of the bunk and slpité layer simultaneously. It can affect the arpeggiator to a sound and not another, similar to the effects! and although his are on the same notes in different layers. it can also affect sample on the Keyboard, not PADS.

We can fashion studio also affected battery with the tempo you want, on each sound. In short it's pretty awesome, and we quickly did a little hack for fun.

The manual is so so, it flies good things but who cares a little.


Then we will say that this is a general synth, for me it is perfect.

The effects are really great, there are so many choices, and not things useless gadget genre. I love the sound of vinyl for example, it looks like a sound melotron. The effects can be assigned anywhere including the samples.

The sounds are realistic, no problem, the brass are not fatal but it's not bad, it's illusion in a mix. The pianos are great settings are really different than a Kronos, but ultimately it's not better or worse it's different, and I prefer the FA-08.
The synth, bass synth etc. Bhen enough for the generalist, I push not enough things in this area.

Organs / Electric Piano etc great, it's better than the Nord Lead and another, and finally to me.

The bass guitars etc. I do not care a bit but it sounds.

Drums / percussions awesome yeah, nothing to say.

My only negatives it would be little arpeggiator, which for me is too complicated. I preferred that of Jupiter 80 At the same time, it's a matter of taste.


One month!

- Sounds
- Price
- Keyboard
- The Sub
- Use
- Weight
- Complete for the stage

I like the fact that it is a synth designed for immediate kind you quickly returned above you can do everything fairly intuitive. The sounds are enough for me, I not ask much! the keyboard to the top especially for this price range.


- The sampler pads too soft
- The complex arpeggiator

I find it really ugly, the menus are ugly and so even though they are super intuitive, it's tship plastic hand, saw its opportunity frankly it well deserved to be metal. Damn I want beautiful as a Nord Lead or Korg SV-1, even some Bontempi are sexier than the FA-08. Between the VR-09 and FA-08, Roland is the ugly, will butter the designer? No, but it's true it gives not want to play fortunately the sound is there !!!

I started with a D10 and a Motif 6, jupiter 80, VR-09, Integra 7. against no I have not tried the other synth before purchasing the FA-08, I just sold the Integra 7, I do not like at all, in terms of editing sounds. I tend to trust Roland, it's a bit like buying blind I confess. I saw three videos and I thought oh that's cool !!!

Bhen for me it is the top, I do it again the same choice a thousand times, and frankly for the price there is nobody in front.

If I am unhappy about something I will come back to say it but there nothing comes to mind.

PS: I have not spoken sequencer, so it's normal, it's because I do not care, so make sure to read other reviews !!!