Yamaha MOTIF 6
Yamaha MOTIF 6

MOTIF 6, Workstation from Yamaha in the MOTIF series.

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Davah 10/29/2004

Yamaha MOTIF 6 : Davah's user review


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Audience: Beginners
Well if not, apart from a fair bit of polyphony (64) and the memory of the sampler also a fair bit as well as the SCSI port for an external hard drive, I find it perfect.

Above the keyboard. Touch is especially nice for all types of games. It is not as "heavy" feel that the piano and not as "light and soft" than most other keyboards. Really try this keyboard! before you bother with a 88 keys which often is not used really.

Ha yes, there is an optical output, ideal for the parties on PC without quality loss.


I am not a regular synths .... in fact I am a bassist. I have this synth for 2 years and I do not see what's so complicated! I would say it is even quite simple (yet I am a zero in zero in math, English, physics, short chuis a musician who thinks practically has music, and honestly I love system are : very fast to work .... when we know what we want to do!)

The manual is clear but it must be read (I read it puts capital becaufe frankly, a machine that price if you read the manual wrong is that you're a rich kid and you do not care how it works, and that the only thing that interests you is to press two buttons and a knob, and then to a component has ch ... more about this site! You have to be somewhat realistic as hell!) , The manual is not for beginners. It does not take you by the hand in explaining how the music! But frankly it's simple, and then a bit of research staff is not bad, quite the contrary!


The sounds are very realistic, I personally made in order to play my composed by musicians are realistic are therefore important. In addition to the sounds sound really good together, it's easy to have a good sound and sounds!

I have a friend (who is a pianist) who own a triton, but agree it has many more sounds, certainnent controls are easier to access, but a "sound" electro music and it's frustrating when ENVIS was to compose a small jazz or reggae!

Otherwise of course it sounds worse than the other .... but to make models for a group and if it is enough to make it definitive, I will not teach you anything you Disan it is better mixing different sounds from different sources, of course, if a risk Song demo sounding Yamaha.


What I like most is the sounds, the sequencer and feel of the keyboard
what I like least is that it is not a toaster .... not seriously I would say the "least" of the pattern does have rules in the new version.

Value for money trs good. Although even when made CHRE but hey must console ourselves by saying quil 10 years ago was much more efficient and less CHRE!

This choice I would do without hesitation! This synth has changed my life as a composer (I've come a long way) and I advise all musicos who play in groups to acquire this synth! it's perfect for composing for the group, much faster, more stable, more convenient than a computer! How group is a musician who works on computer? musicos and how many are listening to his shit composed by saying "but fuck it has to happen has never repeated '! There's too much sound, too much sample and not enough music!" And increasingly it is not very easy to bring in are computer Repeat '!

Good compo!