Yamaha MOXF6
Yamaha MOXF6

MOXF6, Workstation from Yamaha in the MOXF series.

Folow 02/07/2014

Yamaha MOXF6 : Folow's user review

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MOXF6, keyboard 61 keys 5 octaves. Keyboard workstation "light", and master keyboard kind.
- Over 1000 sounds, 8 cumulative effects among 50-100, arpeggiator ...
- Styles of all types (acoustic electro trance ...)
- Controllers pitch modulation ... velocity but no aftertouch
- Fairly complete connectivity (L / R output headphones, midi, USB, pedals ...)
- Allows you to control a daw (but I have not yet succeeded on my cubase 5!)
- Polyphony 128


generally use very simple and straightforward
- Simple configuration, taking super fast hand positions on key thoughts goods transpose (octave or half tones), which is significant on 61 ratings.
- Editing sounds easy search, favorites to simplify its list mode.
- Manual ... yes but I prefer to put less in the sludge directly!


- The sounds are of rather good quality, especially in acoustic (I expected ... it's a Yam), but also electro. BUT, for those like me who played it on a higher end keyboard, it lacks potato, a little something missing. I have a kronos and it's a quality gap still quite sharp on the ear.
- The acoustic sounds are fun to play because they allow a close game in the instrument itself.
they are realistic and in this price range I think even very good and realistic.
- The expression is good, but when you're used to the aftertouch is a bit frustrating. 2 buttons allow checks bearing a little that ... but it blocks a hand!
- The velocity is good but not great .... including the piano part ... and also guitar (bouhhhh. .. he made the guitar keyboard! yes but for fun is all that is promised)
- My favorite sounds are oddly kind of electro, guitar, piano ... if I had not kronos, it would be piano type keyboard rhodes, electro, flutes, horns and guitars.


- I use it for 1 month
- I took to complete my kronos on stage and studio. I had an M3 + kronos. M3 was duplicated and was starting in 2 minutes as the kronos or XF, and it was heavy ... the MOXF repeats the sounds are enough on stage live amateur or semi pro, it is lightweight and easy to carry, starts in less than 10 seconds, in case of failure on stage can quickly resume ... pending kronos! and studio, the game master keyboard is useful and sounds are nevertheless complementary to kronos (or whatever ...), but still a notch below.
- Quality keyboard is a bit cheap ... but these prices I knew I had to make concession so I trimmed the quality of the keyboard, the aftertouch, and potatoes in the sounds ...
- Value for money looks very good to me. I tried the equivalent roland, but not krome. If I did not have the kronos, I think would be krome may have been my choice, but it does not control the DAW and I do not know how long it starts.
but with experience and my need I do not regret my choice. If it must be a single keyboard, it remains to be seen.