Boost P18-65
Boost P18-65

P18-65, 18" loudspeaker from Boost.

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vince1210mk2 08/24/2005

Boost P18-65 : vince1210mk2's user review


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I bought four of its kind in June 2000 stuck in the good home-made boxes. CHARACTERISTICS: 700 W max, 46 cm, 3 "voice coil, magnet 170 mm. What motivated my choice of course is their relatively low price (590 francs the era). The HP taient So fate of the outdoors or large accessories. Amplification: Amcron MT 2401 (mdr!!) for rent of course. Yes I know Amcron and BOOST are not really the same world ... Utilis s sub


Silent sound not too bad (considering the excellent amplification) but lacked real dynamic c'tait too soft in some ways ... Only serious infrastructure were doing not too bad, but big inconvnient, frquence down the 80Hz cutoff Systm!! too low!


You will notice until I spoke Submitted to pass ... lol! BOOST because these have only 2 nights. Yet I did not grow at all the subs ... Though cheap, the Sub report quality price crap! With the experience I do not buy anything of that mark, it may be cheap, but eventually become so if you plan to replace your subs every 2 accessories! lol