RCF LF18G401
RCF LF18G401

LF18G401, 18" loudspeaker from RCF.

Sachatrix 11/07/2011

RCF LF18G401 : Sachatrix's user review

«  It sends the cheap! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
I'm leaning toward this model, mainly because his tour is very generous and we can bring it down without too much fear the end of the road.
It is a basic usage as I do, evening entertainment, it is coupled with two speakers in medium-low Beyma sm115 / n.

I use it on a crest audio 3501 in bridged which leaves around 800 Watts.
I put in a box house of 150 Litres bass-reflex, tuned to 45 Hz (laminar port) and is low-pass filtered at 100 Hz at -18 or -24 depending on the environment.


The response curve is unfortunately rather cascaded, I note a particularly low in the zone from 75 to 85 Hz rather annoying, leaving her without a place to fish. Provide for equalization behind.

Dynamics, in turn, is superb at times, I only hear what is needed and when it happens, the stage floor literally starts to suffer.
The spacialisaton is pretty cool when it is paired with mediums.

The accuracy in itself is good, he attacks very fast at all but is, however, to "calm" at the end of the pulse, it will provide an amp with a good damping factor.


I use sinc now well 4 or 5 months.
I had before it an eminence delta 15 lfa, but it is not really comparable.
What I like most is of course the volume that can deliver which is phenomenal for a sub of this price.
What I like least is, however, that assistance will take him: EQ, good damping, which are essential for a good final.

This is a very good value for money, I would choose the other hand surely a future HP is heavier, less attack, but perhaps a more dry due to a suspension harder.