Boost MX-3 (BRONX)
Boost MX-3 (BRONX)

MX-3 (BRONX), 2-Channel Mixer from Boost.

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Tom29100 01/01/2008

Boost MX-3 (BRONX) : Tom29100's user review


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_ YES it is rack
_ 2 channels input line / phono and microphone jack
_ RCA connectors for the two main tracks, Jack in the micro
_ No EQUASIS for both channels (and that's a shame ...!) only for the microphone. However, the presence of KILL channels 1 and 2.
_ No effects either! (It is also home BOOST ...)
_ 2 Output: REC and MASTER volume control with only the MASTER (normal what)


_ The general configuration is extremely simple because it is true, this table does not provide a slew of features ...
_ I bought this table used without a manual, but if you therewith knows a minimum, the grip is immediate.


_ Ad Unlike other view, this table has ever presented to me no breath
_ The sound that emerges is good with good power
_ Killer are told that more or less effective, because sometimes you cut the mids and more bass sound to cut the bass completely ...


I have this table for 2 years now and although KILL are average and that there is a lack of EQUASIS, we must admit a certain power in that table! She turned in rave before I 'get it pretty good too mop with me and has always held up sometimes staying lit more than 12 in a row ...

Do not forget, that is a table of entry level, not a pioneer! Today new, it is a € 60 so we can not claim must ...
The value for money is okay, but at least it was a sturdy table that would not like the way one of those pesky BEHRINGER works half the time! : S

This table, so I keep it "in case of emergency" since j 'uses a NUMARK DM 2050 home since. I have also owned a home BEHRINGER DJX 700 of which had nothing in the May Geulle flop, so be careful! However NUMARK and BOOST, that is not the same price and not the same quality either ...

I have bought € 45 was a friend there just over two years now. This table has always served and I still use it from time to time especially at night when we make a gaffe rather his stuff ^ ^!

I would do this choice.