Ecler Smac Pro 20
Ecler Smac Pro 20

Smac Pro 20, 2-Channel Mixer from Ecler.

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Kik the hypez 01/07/2005

Ecler Smac Pro 20 : Kik the hypez's user review


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I use this table for a little over 2 years, I begin to see the limits but one thing is it is trs sr good quality!
A mixer plutt versatile, it can be used to mix or scratch (although the cross does not cut), is what to buttons and outputs.
2 RCA program whose level is adjustable indpendamment.
2 RCA phono + 2 line INPUTS, switchable (no plop or other noises in the speakers when you make the change).
1 RCA INPUT cohabiting with the MIC, which is JACK.
1 OUTPUT JACK headphone.
1 OUT REC (record)
Y lacks the effects return on this point is the only default that I found.


The table is simple, beginners or not any user should be able to do it quickly. Mme not need the manual so this table is intuitive and the buttons easily accessible. The touch is trs enjoyable all the usual knobs have a stop in the middle of the race, and over time the accuracy is still to go, no play The crossfader when he is flexible enough It's a shame I feel a little apprci Resistors but it finally did and if you want to scratch the cross is perfect, and until now no problem reported.
The faders are a little inclined, it's a bit Drout at beginners, but you get used to rev faster, and finally the movement feels more natural than conventional faders (vertical).


The sound is fluid trs, trs of good quality, I can not compare to the other tables, but it probably competes with the Technics or Vestax tables. The breath is not to go, fine. As it is the qualiseur trs good quality and kill buttons s'avrent trs practices.


What I like about this table is its simple but effective ct. The design is weird, but the buttons are well spaced standards, while the table is all fine and the height of a plate, it's weird to beginners, but an impression of strength DGIG .
The default for me is primarily what it lacks, this means a return effect and an adjustable cross. I see nothing but blame him, it is almost perfect for this price CATEGORY (FF 2300 bought the era). May be that today we can place it in the CATEGORY table aging but they almost legendary.
If I repeat this choice may be that I will opt for the SMAC Pro 30 possde that I blame her little sister. But today I am happy trs trs trs well and is suitable to my needs.