Ecler nuo2
Ecler nuo2

nuo2, 2-Channel Mixer from Ecler.

Modam 08/11/2006

Ecler nuo2 : Modam's user review


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This is a real war machine! only BMOL, fx send is more than mediocre, let me explain: the effects loop is lagging behind the security of a dry 100th but the delay is more than enough to grace us with a flangueur permanent if there is a tendency to let the button has substance but reassure this problem disappears soon as we efx the branch between the table and the amp, 2nd BMOL I mix all styles of music and elec j 'often uses the adjustment of the cross fader when I want to scratch on hip hop and I noticed that this button is not very solid, the game quickly certainly appears from the position of a front panel button. Otherwise NUO range far and confused ANY brand, the best of walking (in their GRADE, ca not compare me to a Xzone). I have the 2 for a while and I'm so glad I will invest in 5 which is .... Beyond a commantaire! Pioneer can make the die, all the boxes where I work has a gift their old djm 800 against a NUO5


Mixer by closing your eyes!


Nada its perfect


J have to work a lot on a DJM800, synq smx1 (a child's toy than deconseiller) stanton ... And rodec.
More than correct price quality ratio given the sound quality of the machine (XLR output)
with the experience I would take a nuo4 for midi interface or 5 for effects