Gemini DJ PMX 500
Gemini DJ PMX 500

PMX 500, 2-Channel Mixer from Gemini DJ.

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dj bandoine 11/08/2004

Gemini DJ PMX 500 : dj bandoine's user review


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€ 89 for its price, it has all the characteristics essentially communication has a table entry.
2 votes, with gain and high mid and bass eq 12 dB/-32dB on each
4Enter 1phono, 2 lines in comuter phono 1ligne
Equalization with a mic on a poto, gain and-16dB talkover
crossfader with curve inversion
By a puch in to inject the same if the cross is on the inverted
system with good Decout posiblilite Decouter a single channel or the master output.
RCA conection for all the Panel with BACK in the master output and output rec.
jack connector for microphone and headphone front
trensfo feed.


The super is proficient with simple and intuitive given the low number of COMAND.
o After 10 minutes we went around
the translation of the manual is a review


The sound ...
drinking for that price, low hum gene is present but not at all.
vien plustot the problem of isolation of each channel, and the original cross ki is the big shit.
I i AUBOUT six torque simultaneously right and left, and crackles to a stop
the headphone output is very good


I for 1 year, and it always served me faithfully, but is somewhat limited, so I will not take long to change to a FX 7000 in the same brand.
for this award will see earlier che numark bcp is better quality in my opinion nivo