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FP User 10/31/2008

Numark PPD01 : FP User's user review


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It has all the essential features that a scratch mixer should, ie xfader & upfader curve and reverse, 3 band graphic (which double up as filters too- they're effect is wicked). PPD-01 also featured 8 digital effects (Flanger, Phase, Cut Pan, Auto Cut, etc). Some of these effects are good- the Cut pan works well (especially for chirps) & my favourite effect is the Flanger, but others are not quite so useable. The effects are selected via a 'toggle' switch which is very 'user- unfriendly' as you have to skip past some effects to get to the one you want! no good if you're trying to do it real quick.

Price paid: £220


I have found the PPD-01 easy to use, the effects selector- which I mentioned earlier, is my biggest issue with this mixer. It would have made much more sense to have seperate buttons for each effect so that you could just 'hit' the button for the effect you want.

The mixer as a whole seems pretty durable, it's quite heavy too- the faders on the other hand don't seem to take much punishment before they start to bleed.


The sound quality is good overall- although I do think that some of the higher pitches sound a bit harsh. I have only used this mixer on small/medium size set ups. There is very little (if any) hiss/hum when the mixer is on with no sound playing through it and the monitor sound is good too- it also has a tone adjuster to give a bit more flexibility


It's a bit different and I like that. I really do feel let down by the effects 'toggle' stick/switch and the quick wearing faders so I can't say 'i love it' but you could certainly do alot worse.

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Posted by: a_cuts ( 6-, 2005)