Pioneer DJM-T1
Pioneer DJM-T1

DJM-T1, 2-Channel Mixer from Pioneer in the DJM series.

Boomboxstreetz 05/03/2013

Pioneer DJM-T1 : Boomboxstreetz's user review

«  Very good food and fine scratch built a Traktor »

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Is rack?
Not Mixer 2 channel, no need.

How many lanes, bus attendant, departures, returns ...)?

2-way + an auxiliary for scratch sessions, perfect.

What is the type of connectors (RCA, Jack, XLR ...)?

The total, thank you Pioneer

The effects section is it integrated?

No normal vinyl mode with traktor is a controller so the effects of traktor.

For digital mixers: What is the accuracy of the sampling (bits / kHz)?

Stuck at 48 kHz base and can go beyond, but useless as djs today works with sounds rotten ahaha

What type of sync are supported? ...

Master clock sync very useful for my mpc 2500!


The general configuration is it simple?

Very annoying, because you have to install, driver, make an update to the table through the impractical shortcuts, if you bosser vinyl, it does not recognize the connection in timecode phono therefore have to go through the utility provided by pioneer. If after all okay.

The usual functions are they easily accessible?

Adjusting the cross is through utility (a button) and a central setting potentiometer, not very practical, because when scratching and juggling is not practical to set in less than 1 min, so not very practical, if not the rest impeccable with perfect integration Traktor.

The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

No read, no need


The console is transparent?


Introduced she breath?

No, tested on Yam HS 80 on the big sound, RAS, unlike my previous PMC May 04.

The equalizer is effective? ...

Highly effective, it is very close to a 909, but far from a rane more than a djm 800, I was amazed, as a used vestax with their metallic sound rane their warm sound, well-rounded, kainri well, well, the pioneer is truly amazing!


How long have you use it?

Almost one year

What is the particular feature you like best and least?

+: Magnetic Cross for scratching, all controls for the software, robustness, it is not on the yucky plastoc, sound.

-: At times forced to recalibrate the cross, without understanding anything and not have the same setting

Have you tried many other models before buying it?

TTM57 (I regret because Serato is for me the best DVS), PMC May 04, TTM56, Ecler HAK 360

How would you rate the quality / price?

Damn she fell, and I found in a comparison to the Z2, it's far beyond, with the new update can do the same thing that, over the T1 has more control so we gain accuracy, particularly on the management of effects, cross is much better I do not like innocent but that is a personal opinion, and then any good plastoc Z2, personal it does not attract me and more expensive too.

With experience, you do again this choice? ...

Yes, I did not like except pioneer consoles scratch 909/707, and the bin I was surprised and I recommend to all the table.