Rane TTM 54
Rane TTM 54

TTM 54, 2-Channel Mixer from Rane in the TTM series.

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FP User 10/31/2008

Rane TTM 54 : FP User's user review


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Excellent. The one thing I'd change/modify would be, having the EFX Post-Channel/Crossfade, like the TTM 56 & Empath models, instead of Pre-Channel/Crossfade.

$600 USD in 1999


Simple & clean, very easy to use!

I've had my TTM 54 since 1999. This was my first battle style mixer. I chose this one over Vestax purely on the Rane name. From my experience, RANE made great gear, so when They started making Battle mixers, I didn't hestiate to get one as soon as it came out. I've only had it repaired once. The RCA outputs shorted out, and I sent it back to RANE. Got it back "quick-fast" too, 2-3 Bus. Days. No problems since.




I prefer this model to the newer "TTM 54i" version. IMO, it feels Mo' Betta'. Also, I like the Metal phono/line switches instead of the plastic ones. This mixer has gone through the good/bad Gigs. I've had several TTM54s but sold most off, except for THIS one. Btw, they're built like tanks.

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Posted by: djtonypsalms ( 8-, 2005)