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lamouette/rck 06/04/2012

Soundcraft UREI 1601s : lamouette/rck's user review

«  Never change a winning team! »

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Features available on the net and in particular on the site of UREI.

The connection is really complete: XLR master / booth (RCA doubled), nothing is missing!


It is not easy all falls under the fingers, and I really like because it really has a large work surface (There's even room to put his beer! I'm joking of course)

The manual is in English but very simple and complete. (Comes with a set of keys for the dismantled.

The sampler is just wonderful! You can not do more simplistic and effective for me!

I do not put 10 because an On / Off button, it is essential and it does not!


Not easy for me to give my opinion, I never mixed on a amix or other, of very high quality.

From what I can say (and what my ears hear), it's clean, it has a good margin level. I prefer it to vestax, numark pioneer and others of similar price. Zero breath. Equa really powerful. but can be cut a little musicality of the coup, but it suits me perfectly.

Specificity of this table is its preview: However much the knobs move in all directions through headphones nothing changes, a bit confusing at first but now I can not do without.

This is the UREI deuxiéeme I buy (the first is a 1601 base)

I'm addicted to listening system * Pre and ergonomics of this table.

I do not put 10 because I think that sounds a lot better amix


It will be 4 years since I used a UREI (but only for 1 month for the S)

I do not get bored, it's always a pleasure

What I like:
The connector really complete.
The sound really cool for a table at this price.
It is hefty, it has room.

What I do not like:
No buttons On / Off and rubber knobs that wears a little fast.
the "click" buttons on the sampler at low level.

I esaayé lot of tables, vestax (in love of the PCM-37), the A & H, numarks and many other things and I think it's an interesting alternative.

Price level Quelite nothing to say it's all good, I do it again this choice easily. '

I have a team that set a (UREI 1601, Technics M5G, serato SL3, Novation Dicer, and another team quiu a set (UREI 1601S, Technics Mk5 serato SL3, Novation Dicer)