Stanton Magnetics SMX-201

SMX-201, 2-Channel Mixer from Stanton Magnetics.

DJXnorb 04/26/2006

Stanton Magnetics SMX-201 : DJXnorb's user review


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2-way line or phono + 1 mic
by RCA conections


Configuration very simple or too
everything is accessible and when you have already used a mixing desk, not need the user manual


The console has a sound pa too bad for the price, but the PB that is what expands well enough to attack an amplifier so it can puisssant saturates very quickly for me


It's been 18 months that I have, I like the Money (not to buy more of 90/100 euros!) But I do suporte over the two equalizers or was not high / medium / low then c ' is annoying to the mix as well as the headphone output too low otherwise the crossfader has not budged can see.
Now I 'with my neighbor uses an Ecler nuo 5 and it does not compare!
But I advise beginners to buy a three-way 150/160 euros in gemini example because even if the crossfader is weaker, the constituents are better!
So if you buy was not a lot of money and if there are mix with his room.