Vestax PMC-07 Pro ISP
Vestax PMC-07 Pro ISP

PMC-07 Pro ISP, 2-Channel Mixer from Vestax in the PMC series.

Dj Fotik 04/11/2006

Vestax PMC-07 Pro ISP : Dj Fotik's user review


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It's a mixer 2 way, 3 with the "session" which is in fact nothing more than a line between ... It is used to connect another table mix for several DJ battles! (Such competitions by team - it's the Invisible Skratch Piklz table).
The connection is done by RCA for the "phono" jack and the rest just ... The qualisuer is nice, it cuts though it is small enough but still good even when size to the controller even with big fingers!
The effects section is well thought, no worries at this level of either, simple and convenient interface ...
The cross is awfully damn good, such as faders, slipping really very good! it's tough!
A small default: both tracks are "phono" only! and even when she has a little breath!


The buttons are well placed, with no one n'accroche Precipitation Occurred, all is well dispositionn!
The most useful functions are a gate finger, the less useful plius moves away, she really does think by "pros"!


The table reproduces a good sound, egualiseur done a good job, it only what is asked, it cuts really well and frquences cuts are good.
Even when it introduces a lot of breath compared to other consoles that I test and it's annoying! Otherwise the rest is excellent!


I use it for a year soon, the faders and the cross have not moved yet they suffer! I have rarely seen a table with knobs as enjoyable in the fingers ... rel a little pleasure to own ... I also one of UMX5 Gmini and PMC06PRO VESTAX of the ISP and I prfere by far! To line level devices on the ISP just buy converters, it's cheap and that's okay! Even if it blows a little, mix with the pleasure of the table is more important then it's worth it! Frankly, it's a very good restaurant!