Akai Professional MPK25

MPK25, 25-Key MIDI Keyboard from Akai Professional in the MPK series.

chupachups 12/12/2012

Akai Professional MPK25 : chupachups's user review

«  Solid and COMPLT:-) »

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see the characteristics cits on the site of akai or other opinion;-)

Basically, it's a hefty check noon, all gives confidence: we are not afraid to take it everywhere.


pleasant to the touch keyboard, same buttons, etc.
it's a solid midi keyboard:-)

config simple, simple edition (in addition there is a soft but we can do without)
simple and effective manual
it's a good product.

one can easily edit new presets, save them without going through the computer: it's great to do a lot of basic VST preset, then passes a preset another in a few milliseconds.

The ARP is friendly and can go well usefully> gives sound RESULTS pushing recording:-) but not to seek the ultimate arpgiateur, it remains simple.

pads (x12) are sufficiently hard to let go of it without asking questions about the rugged coast of the pads (this is gonna let go? no !!!).

It was also the possibility of making notes repeat .. very well for percussion but may be too simple?

The LCD screen is great, very readable.


I sold it to buy a morpho keyboard:-)
I sold it to someone who does VJing and I know he s'clate!

I have long hesitated to sell the car for the price you can not beat!
This keyboard is ideal for people who have a computer and BCQ uses VST (not hardware). People who like the style of compo MPC alike:-) will also be delighted, he retrouv feel Akai MPC with piano keyboard and more.

The only problem is that it does not produce sounds -> this is a midi controller.
It can also be a great hair ... um say that it is a 25-key but strong. Again, this is solid so this explains the height of the assembly and its width .. Attention this remains transportable without worry, it's still small but little less than other keyboards 25 keys Dtail a ...;-) for some.

For the price I think there is no better in comparison.
with good zic!