Akai MPK25
Akai MPK25
kerrysixela 04/25/2012

Akai MPK25 : kerrysixela's user review

" Excellent material ... BUT"

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The ability to use Reason and Live with a single material to compose the melodies (MIDI keyboard 25 keys), create lines of drums (12 pads) and manage automation (12 pots) control the software from an external device (the Other buttons can be used to manage the transport bar, registration, etc ...)


The touch keyboard is excellent, certainly it's plastic but there is a small return that gives pleasure.
There is no configuration, the MPK preset hard to live, reason, cubase, FL Studio and many other programs that I do not know. Just turn the dial and choice of software on the screen
The manual is quick, but everything is clear on the material itself


It's been one month since I use every day.
What I love is having a mini MPC, a keyboard and pots all on the same machine, it accelerates the creative process.
The value for money is great, for 200 € it's a good plan


Nothing is perfect, there is one thing that all future purchasers of MPK25 (or 49) should know is that the pad of drums TOO MUCH IS RESISTANT! Should be supported as a barge that is activated. It's just despicable. Try the store and see.
FORTUNATELY, there are a parry. Google "akai mpk sensitivity" and you will find on ebay sellers who for $ 13 (~ € 9) selling mod (actually these are little pieces of plastic) that are inserted under the pads (it will open the beast) . It takes 10 minutes to go, but after the pads have the sensitivity that they should have had, and from there, you get 100% of your MPK. It's a bit silly from Akai for making the pads as strong but once made this mod, this machine is a total killer!