-Livingroom- 11/18/2013

Alesis QX25 : -Livingroom-'s user review

«  It does the job! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
25 Keys, USB, so I do midi cables and clutter from my digital piano to make arrangements. Plastic shell suitable for a home studio, but the live should not rely too much on it.


The feel reminds me a keyboard ... Plastic. So do not expect to play a North clavia, we're not here for that! There's a lot of buttons for anyone who wants to bring an analog machine, but I have not thought about the set, I personally do not have utility. The pad can be useful for the development of a track by track battery by playing the baton blow. After the manual is very detailed for those who want to rack your brains!

Otherwise, the configuration is relatively simple.


I use it for almost a year, I like its compact and practical side, I tried all kinds of keyboards, so I know what feels good or unnecessary touch, this one is closer to unnecessary, but the value for money is good. If loose, I see to take a look beefier can be.