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Evolution Mk-125
Evolution Mk-125

25-Key MIDI Keyboard from Evolution

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Thread Evolution MK-125 - Help Needed!

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1 Evolution MK-125 - Help Needed!
Hi everyone,

I've just snapped up an Evolution MK-125 Midi keyboard for a reasonable price on eBay so I can get started with Reason.

However, I foolishly assumed that even though it didn't come with software, I'd easily be able to get hold of the drivers without realising that Evolution had been taken over by M-Audio. I've checked their website (as I should've done before), and despite claiming that all the content of Evolution's website is present there, I can't find the drivers for the MK-125, just other MK-xxx models.

Can anyone else who's got this keyboard help by either emailing me the required files or in some other way please?


Jim Davies
I've done a bit more digging around and found an alternative Evolution website. In the FAQs I discovered that it should work fine with my soundcard's own midi drivers, so I'll just have to give that a go.

Hopefully I'll get it sorted soon and get on with trying to get my head around Reason!
did you get this working alright ????

i have the exact same problem i have been trying everything to get my keyboard to work but my computer just doesnt seem to be receiving anything at all, i am using an e-mu 0404 soundcard my midi drivers should be working fine but they havent been tested yet.
I've got the original disc if you need a copy. Oh 2007! Well maybe not...