Line 6 Mobile Keys 25
Line 6 Mobile Keys 25

Mobile Keys 25, 25-Key MIDI Keyboard from Line 6.

Notator 07/29/2012

Line 6 Mobile Keys 25 : Notator's user review

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I was looking for a keypad 25 size keys for controlling music applications on my Ipod touch.
Interface with IOS, the choice was limited, it was that or the Akai Synthstation, or Ion Piano Apprentice.
The Akai has mini-keys, and the Ion really plastoc (I have not been able to try it).
No support on the keyboard keys of Mobile is expected to ask an iPod, iPhone or iPad, unlike the other two keyboards.
It has taken two pedals, sustain (switch) and Expression (continuous control).
It has two knobs, Pitch Bend and.


The keyboard is dynamic (insertion and release), no pressure, semi-weighted keys, a little spongy (we feel the springs), but better that than too soft.
The keys are normal sized, as well as their race, which is important for me, who am used to other keyboards.
He did not need specific power supply, no batteries required, it is powered through the USB, or plug iOS (cable supplied); note, only one interface active at a time.
The 6-page manual is very clear on the other hand, the operation is very simple: what can not be changed with a dedicated control is adjustable with the Shift key plus a key, as most keyboards of this size .
The settings are memorized, but the use is 'basic keyboard control', we should not consider changing programs on the fly, no display, no dedicated buttons (but doable with Shift ... etc. ).


I've had it a week I give my opinion in use with an iPod touch (with a valid Iphone or an Iphone).

I am a bit disappointed, because all music applications iOS CoreMIDI are not implemented, so, eg GarageBand is, but not PerfectPitchPiano nor MyNoteGames. For now, these are the only software I've tried with this keyboard.
Moreover, there is a small latency, I do not know if this concern comes from the timing CoreMIDI, GarageBand or the keyboard itself (I have not been able to use USB).
I find this keyboard a bit thick (about 6 cm), this is not the ideal place to put it on the belly, for 'tinkering' or have fun, sprawled on a sofa.
Size (approximately 47.5 x 17 cm) could have been more compact, but the size keys impose their footprint by 36 cm.

Again, my opinion does use as a tool in teaching music / entertainment based on iPod touch. I use other keypads Midi for more specific uses homestudio.