Line 6 Mobile Keys 25
Line 6 Mobile Keys 25

Mobile Keys 25, 25-Key MIDI Keyboard from Line 6.

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mrjason 02/06/2013

Line 6 Mobile Keys 25 : mrjason's user review

« Easy to use, and travel friendly »

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The Line 6 Mobile is a 25 key controller that can be used with any computer Mac or PC running almost any operating system. This small controller has touch sensitive keys, and it is the perfect controller to have for a laptop and on the move set up. I even use it in GarageBand sometimes when I am on my Mac laptop. Installing it was very quick there was a disk to install the drivers and that was it. It was all plug and play and worked in about 4 different DAW programs that I use on a regular basis.


I have also used this with some piano apps on my iPad 3rd generation too. There is no power supply or adapter needed which makes it just about as portable as it gets. The keys feel good and allow me to play melodies pretty easily. But being that there are only 25 keys I really couldn’t do too much but if wanted a portable controller that is what I have to deal with.


I take this controller anywhere with me that I have my Macbook or Dell laptop and it runs great on OSX 10.5 and Windows XP/Vista. This keyboard is only about a foot and half long which means it can fit in most standard size gig bags and since it is made well I didn’t have to worry about it getting damaged or the keys getting jammed down. There are also octave up and octave down buttons so that I could transpose to different octaves easily which is a must have if you are only working with 25 keys. This controller will work with iPads, iPhones, PC’s and Macs. It gets its power from the device that it is connected to but I have noticed that it does drain my battery a little faster than normal on my iPad 3. It also has mod and pitch wheels which is not normal for a 25 key controller.