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coolzapp 08/30/2013

Bugera 212V-BK : coolzapp's user review

«  It does its job! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
I used for a little less than a month.
I have not really tried a lot of style, I'd done a bit on this one cab for the price and since I only read the positive, I trust the masses, and at worst € 138 should not expect miracles.
What I like most is its design and the fact that it is easily transportable, it is quite convenient for the home. What I like least is that there is a little too low for my taste, suddenly it eats a little other frequencies.
The Q / P ratio is excellent, it is widely 138 balls. In the end the sound is not disgusting, it does its job, I personally use it only for me to work a bit, good cab being my local again, and it suits me very well. I can play at low volume and if I want to push a little sound, it follows well.
Bin at that price there is not a lot of choice, so yes I do it again this choice. For a price misery we find ourselves still with a cab that sounds properly and to use that I actually, I do not need more!