ENGL E212VHB Pro Straight 2x12 Cabinet
ENGL E212VHB Pro Straight 2x12 Cabinet

E212VHB Pro Straight 2x12 Cabinet, 2x12 Guitar Cabinet from ENGL.

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Sludge02 01/27/2014

ENGL E212VHB Pro Straight 2x12 Cabinet : Sludge02's user review

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I use this cabinet for almost a year now and it has never disappointed me.
Here are the features:
2 speakers 12 "Celestion V30
120 Watt Mono (8 Ohm)
2 x 60 Watt Stereo (2 x 16 Ohm)
Dimensions: 740 x 480 x 360mm thomann
Weight: 32 kg
Color: Black
Which is significant with the 2x12 cabinet is that it is dynamic. The bass is powerful, well controlled mids and highs are not denatured, on the contrary!
It almost forget that it is a 2x12!
After not expect the same result as a 4x12 but it fulfills its mission and displays excellent performances for affordable prices.
I toured Europe with this box and I happened to pay it (the trailer for the tourbus decide not to come with us on the roads of Ireland! Hahahaha) and musicians who used have all made the same remark: "It is really your top box very dynamic!"
I think for fans of big sound, you can buy without a priori! lighter and less bulky than a 4x12 but still heavy enough for a 2x12 (which is German).
In terms of construction, as I say, it's German!
It is very well built, beautiful and grill with the ENGL is the most beautiful effect!
His sound is so well made as the fact that the wood used is very thick and very good quality (hence the weight).
Finally, I advise everyone! and if I had to I would buy one!