ENGL E212VH Pro Slanted 2x12 Cabinet
ENGL E212VH Pro Slanted 2x12 Cabinet

E212VH Pro Slanted 2x12 Cabinet, 2x12 Guitar Cabinet from ENGL.

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LordRiffenstein 04/04/2011

ENGL E212VH Pro Slanted 2x12 Cabinet : LordRiffenstein's user review

« Small cab, big tone »

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The Engl Vintage 2x12 is one of many 2x12 cabs I have owned. It's bulky and heavy but has 2 big handles on the side. I personally think that 1 handle on the top would be nice because it would be easier to carry. The build quality, as usual with Engl, is great. The tolex-job on mine wasn’t perfect but it was a prototype, you should have no issues with this on the production models.

The cab is loaded with Vintage30s and can be used mono or stereo. Mine was a sort of prototype so I'm not sure what ohmage the normal versions are. Check the Engl-site.

I owned this cab for a long time and I would say it is a good one for rock or heavier styles. It won't have the big punch of a 4x12 but it does sound big nonetheless. I think it works best for gain tones, it sounds ok for cleans too but it is really aimed at gain stuff. I used mine in combination with a Savage 120 or Savage SE and was playing in an alternative rockband and the combination worked well. I also found that the Engl 2x12 worked well when raised from the floor. I was using rack-fx at the time and would often place the cab on top of the rack and it would still have plenty of low end.

The Engl 2x12 is often overlooked but it really is a cool alternative in the field, it's build quality is very good and the tone is equally good. When buying a cab, you should really consider a 2x12, often a 4x12 will be overkill and for bigger gigs, your cab will be miked anyway and the microphone doesn’t know if it’s in front of a 2x12 or 4x12. Take your amp and listen to different cabs, the Engl 2x12 is definitely a good choice!