Harley Benton G212 Vintage
Harley Benton G212 Vintage

G212 Vintage, 2x12 Guitar Cabinet from Harley Benton.

jamman90 05/07/2014

Harley Benton G212 Vintage : jamman90's user review

« Incomparable value for money »

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I received the 2x12 cab one month ago. I use it with a 1988 Carvin x100b amp head. I have tested other cabs by Palmer, Peavey, Marshall (2x12 and 4x12 ).

After one month of use, I find it relatively light (it can be transported without breaking your back) and pretty solid.

I opened it as soon as it arrived. You can take out the speakers after removing the grille (which is fastened with Velcro; I used a screwdriver and a cloth to protect the Tolex). No ugly surprises here: 2 celestion Vintage 12" speakers. The connectors are tidy and protected with a plastic shell. Overall, the finish is good and, unlike what you may read in other reviews, it's not made of wooden crates.

Once you remove the foam (and use it to fit the gear in the car = it avoids vibrations), you can go so far as to use wood glue and mastic. I reinforced all the edges with wood glue and the handles and circuit board with mastic.
Then I sanded and applied some lacquer to the wood. (which takes about 3 days, if you respect the drying times).

Then you put it all back together and...what a surprise, it sounds great. It's a Celestion Vintage speaker inside the cab, so there's no way it can sound bad. From all the things I have been able to test by Harley Benton, this is without a doubt the best. But you obviously need to break it in.

The Tolex is quite all right if you don't abuse it, the handles are sturdy, etc...You can add some casters, which is easily done and comes in handy.

Would I buy it again for the same price???? I will definitely buy another one to put Jensen inside.

If you are not convinced, go buy a Mesa cab for a thousand bucks and see if it sounds four times as good. Otherwise, if you are scared of being judged by fellow hard rockers, you can save $30 from your next gig to get a custom grille and save your honor...Although, that will mean you care more about the grille than the cab itself and what's inside.