Marshall 1936
Marshall 1936

1936, 2x12 Guitar Cabinet from Marshall.

Z3r0 10/15/2004

Marshall 1936 : Z3r0's user review


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I use it for 6 months and jai quickly chang the HP trs for Fanes hand because I was looking for Celestion Vintage 30 CTAIT but too expensive. The Original HP are pretty good but lack a little precision, if not the boot is of good quality. I mounted on wheels as he tops with triple hh weight!
Jaime-out its sleek look and efficient, what Marshall! its size is rather rsonnable for a 2x12 "and it helps to have good natural bass.
Jai-test other firms and notably a 4x12 "and a 1960 2x12" Mesa / Boogie, the 1936 is doing pretty good directivity and low issue.
Lai-I bought a used 300 HP 70 + the two makes me a super ca 2x12 "for very cheap.
With experience, I do it again this election if I hesitated a 4x12 "but it's even a shame not to have good original Hp! Is like a good car but you have to change the engine), but now with a little budget, I look more to a 2x12 "ENGL (especially as a jai ENGL head now: D!) I put 8 with Original HP maisje now put 9 I lai customs.