Marshall 1936
Marshall 1936

1936, 2x12 Guitar Cabinet from Marshall.

Sl!pKoRn 08/14/2003

Marshall 1936 : Sl!pKoRn's user review


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Speakers: 2x12 G12T-75W S88
Power output: 150 Watts (2x75W)
Impedance: Mono / Stereo options: stereo 16 ohm / 8 ohm mono
Dimensions: 600mm x 750mm x 310 mm
Weight: 24.6 Kg

Anyone knowing a jack plug will use this material ...

I use this speaker with an amp Peavy Ultra Plus (120W lamp) ... And it sounds perfectly fine! The speaker faithfully reproduces the warm sound of my tube amp ... And for those concerts, no problem, the power output is more than enough to shake the walls ...

The major advantage of 1936 over a 1960A 4x12 cabinet or other Marshall home is that it is portable! And since I carry it in a staircase, the 1936 is the effective alternative to a big firm 38 kilos back to peter ...

I use it for 4 years now ... And what I like in this particular speaker, so it's shape and weight ... I tried many other models from Marshall, but I did not feel quite marked difference in noise level to choose a larger model ... I would do this choice easily ...