Orange PPC212C
Orange PPC212C

PPC212C, 2x12 Guitar Cabinet from Orange in the PPC series.

jerem's 05/26/2012

Orange PPC212C : jerem's's user review

«  Certainly one of the best 2x12 Market »

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PPC212CB cabinet from Orange, orange ;)
I use it with my head Rocker30 since July 2009.
The cabinet is closed and weighs about 40kg (not easy to lug around).
It is equipped with special feet that transfer best bass from Orange (?), And especially of 2 Vintage 30 12 inch 8ohms each connected in series for a total of 16ohms.

The build quality is simply the top (birch plywood), the strength can be felt immediately (if there's only wear it for noticing!), The orange Tolex the most beautiful effect and grillcloth is superb.

In sound, there's nothing to say, this superbly planned, see too well provided with the V30 in mediums with their characteristic hump, but it sits well with Orange amps.
It just may regret the choice of V30 to its critics but also the fact that it is not declined G12H30 70th Anniv also, however, used by the brand on cabs anniversary or some combos (eg TT), which could have leave a choice and more.
In short, a super cab to put your favorite HP if you do not like knowing that a V30 cab closed usually brings more midrange and bass more strained, a more prescriptive and less "3D" stifled but not more unlike to what some people think, just a different cabinet open.

The cab is certainly sold very expensive (but personally head the new R30 and nine baffle all for € 1500 in mag I'm pretty happy), but what you get for your money because it is one of the best if not the best 2 * 12 market. An obvious choice for me to stack a harmonious, but there are also versions for black couple to your favorite amp if you do not have the chance to play an Orange head ;)
I do not put 10 because perfection does not exist and we can always find him qqchose (the choice of V30, weight, wiring series instead of parallel and that knows what else ...) but it's really super cab advisor.