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Vestax PCV-275
Vestax PCV-275

3-Channel Mixer from Vestax belonging to the PCV series.

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Publié le 10/31/08 à 16:00
I miss separate VU's for each channel but otherwise I think it's plenty bang for the buck. The effects loop in particular is wicked - it's quiet, has both send and return controls and has both a pre- and post-fader alternative.

Price paid

$449 brand new


It's so easy to use even my grandmother could operate it. Everything is logically laid out, every switch and such is in the right place. Hooking up my CD, turntables and effects unit and getting to grips with the whole mixer took me approx. 10 minutes and after that it was easy as stealing candy from a child.


Considering the price, I think it has no real competitors besides the Ecler SMAC30 in the same price range. It obviously do not compare to, say, a Rane or an Allen & Heath, but for smaller parties and clubs and home use it performs really well.


I wouldn't trust it for a world tour, but I've had it for a few smaller gigs and it's stood up to abuse really well. The buttons feel great, and my only nag on it is that the knob on the crossfader tends to feel a little loose from time to time. I never use the crossfader though, so for me that's no problem. I've contacted their customer support twice (via e-mail) before getting it, and both times I've had a reply within 24 hours, which has been both helpful and nice.

Of course, there are always a few things you'd want to change - the one that springs to mind are the VU's and the fact that it's like 11.5&quot; wide, making it completely impossible to fit in a coffin or a case. Dumb thing. On the other hand, I'd not hesitate to recommend it because although it has its flaws and there are perhaps better mixers out there, this is a great intermediate mixer that would work well in a longue or at a small club.

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Posted by: Unknown ( 5-, 2002)