Korg microKEY 37
Korg microKEY 37

microKEY 37, 32/37-Key MIDI Keyboard from Korg in the micro series.

Benjaminbou 12/26/2013

Korg microKEY 37 : Benjaminbou's user review

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37 keys: this is the minimum for my taste.

Pitch bend and modulation wheels: essential to enjoy all synth.

No arpégiatteur or MIDI CTRL function keys ... But honestly, who really uses this feature on this type of keyboard? Other controllers or synths and sequencers themselves are largely better job. They are false selling on other mini-keyboards.


I'm keyboardist and I have hitherto been very disappointed with all the mini keyboards. Akai are horrible for my taste at this level it is impossible to have a quick game on, and touch is very unpleasant.

You should know what you want though: it's still a mini keyboard, whose main asset is to be small and light. But it is in my opinion the only mini keyboard on which you can really play live. Others serve no other purpose than 2-3 test stuff.

The pitch bend and modulation wheels are real wheels, usable and robust. The pitch bend is a bit too strong for my taste, but this is quibbling for this size for this price.

Configuration is very simple: you plug in usb and voila.


I bought it today.

I tested the Akai LPK25, Akai the APK Mini Korg nanoKEY. This is by far the best after only a few hours of improvisation above. Others allow only really worth playing the keyboard, so good ...

I also tested larger midi keyboards, but it is not the same product: here we look for a feather weight and minimum bulk. Personally I bought it because I wanted to make some improvisations on my live, without having to carry a real keyboard.

The value for money is ok. It could have been a cheaper hair, but I do not regret my purchase: it will replace all others when I have to move. And I have full confidence in Korg: none of their products has dropped beneath my fingers. To believe that by giving the low-cost, they finally know how to deal.

Note that this keyboard is also a USB hub: very convenient because if you want knobs and faders must add another micro-controller (the nanokontrols are excellent for this).

An important detail: the keyboard does not slide when playing. It has mini-rubber feet, which hang just enough to be full play without fear of the keyboard from before when playing too loud.

Finally: the design is simple and classy. It is a small notch above other mini keyboards, which are very playmobil. This is a nice object that inspires confidence.