Korg microKEY 37
Korg microKEY 37

microKEY 37, 32/37-Key MIDI Keyboard from Korg in the micro series.

Bandittof 04/09/2014

Korg microKEY 37 : Bandittof's user review

« I love to use it »

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I love its compact size because it doesn't take up too much space on a desk.
The keys are big enough to play them.
Very easy to use.
USB connections


Nice and responsive piano keys.
I'm not a pianist, I have two pianos but only for basic accompaniment
And this one I can take with me anywhere easily.
It is easy to set up and, for me, the software included is more than enough.
No manual, but it's plug and play.
It's easy to set up but you can also take it very far (I use the basic setup).
The Korg software suite allows you to have fun and create musical lines to accompany yourself.
It works seamlessly with fruity loop, as well as with Guitar Pro 6.


It's almost two years since I have it. My partner bought it for me as a birthday present and I'm satisfied with it.
I was looking for a USB piano to connect to my PC and "create" music.
I'm originally a guitar player and it works great when I want a percussion line to accompany myself.
The value for money is quite good. Its price corresponds to its quality.
It's very good as a complement to my old Roland.