Allen & Heath Xone:92 (Old Design)
Allen & Heath Xone:92 (Old Design)

Xone:92 (Old Design), 4+ Channel Mixer from Allen & Heath in the Xone series.

usound 11/17/2004

Allen & Heath Xone:92 (Old Design) : usound's user review


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Ok, I tested it ...
I was looking for a table can serve at a time to mix with decks and machinery, all live and capable of supporting a game a little dry!

Rackable: yes but optional (price unknown)
For other CHARACTERISTICS please refer to the website of Allen & Heath!
semi parametric equalizer
No effects section intgre but starting with 2 and filter LFO / VCA Intgr
These filters do not go very far in the possibilities, they are rather adaptsa zics style of house.


The Beast looks very robust (Fader Penny & Gilles)
I did not have the manual with the bike test ....


Not a breath ..
on the other hand I did not buy it because it seems that the sound processing through the numrique with a compressor / limiter on each slice avoiding filters to push the level too high! What a pity!
Suddenly, a sound trs particular, too 'clean' whatever rglages filters!
Therefore I put 6 because really I expected more possibility of crushing filters with Audible.


Too expensive for what it is!
More A & H seem to have had a lot of problems with the first sries (factory returns), this was the case of the first tests that I can be inquitant when we know the time that they need to provide gnrale in another!