Allen & Heath Xone:DB2
Allen & Heath Xone:DB2

Xone:DB2, 4+ Channel Mixer from Allen & Heath in the Xone series.

Emerging Patterns 01/27/2013

Allen & Heath Xone:DB2 : Emerging Patterns's user review

«  Just magic ... »

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Value For Money : Excellent
The rack console is it?
To my knowledge, the brackets are optional.

What is the type of connectors (RCA, Jack, XLR ...)?
The connection is quite low for a console of this range, means ...
Available input:
- 4 RCA inputs (2 phono switchable by switch on the rear, 2 internal switchable via the console menus)
- 2 digital inputs (for CDJ)
- A PCM channel (with a dedicated channel EQs and High / Mid) Communtable Line IN input (RCA) / Mic IN (XLR) with switch on the table).
- A port X-link, which allows you to route a controller information noon xone K2 to software
- A USB port to send the card with USB2 or 8INs/8OUTs du Midi (the table one afternoon shift, but can also send a MIDI K2 connected to the table in X-Link).

Output, we have:
- A XLR master output,
- An output Jack Booth,
- A record output in RCA
- The USB2 port which allows you to route the sound from the different inputs to the program of your choice.

All outputs are configurable so fine in the menus on the table.

And it is tout.On is far from the 92 connectivity gargantuan, but it is already beautiful work ...

What is the accuracy of the sampling (bits / kHz)?
It is 24 bit / 96KHz

How many lanes, bus attendant, departures, returns ... ?
- The console is a four-lane road + 1 Mic. All are assignable crossfader, and suddenly a DSP processors.
The big advantage of the table (in my eyes) is the Input Matrix system, borrowed from Denon DN and NX-1600 and 1700. Each channel is independent of the physical inputs, inputs are assigned to a channel via a knob associated with a 4-position switch (USB / Analogigique / Digital) .. The interest thing is that it allows a great modularity and also route the same song on two different paths to the "remix" on the fly.
How departure / return? NO, but when you see the quality of the effects offered, I do not see much use to add something else ...

The parametric equalizer is it?
Everything is configurable ... If there is no such switch on an analogue desk, we can fix everything in the menus (slope faders, the crossfader, ...) including switch between three modes of EQs ... And there ... Happiness ...
We have three methods at our disposal:
- EQs traditional
- Isolators,
- Filters ...


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