Behringer DJX700
Behringer DJX700

DJX700, 4+ Channel Mixer from Behringer in the Pro Mixer series.

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¤dj¤ 10/11/2004

Behringer DJX700 : ¤dj¤'s user review


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The format is unique, however it has the same size as a djm bcp used so far, so a fly in it for the meter is easily discover (I was informed there worries pa).

-Between: it is a 4-way table with ability to switch phono line in short we can finally connect bcp source (8). the connections are RCA except for the 5th voi (micro) that is XLR.

-Output: the number 3, master, booth (second amplifier), and rec for recording. (Note: the balance n'afecte the master output, however the volume of the booth output is controlled using a rotary)

-Built-in effects section is divided into 7 parts (5 reverb, delay 12, 12 echo, flanger 5, 2 panning, 3filter, 6 special effect like a tub amp, voice change ...) I think: the effects always pa are useful or are specific to certain ms its some good fun. But it just connect a module thanks to the external effect send & return rca pin.
ossi there an effect on the master booth, is a kind of adjustable stereo ki Kelk gives something very nice.

It has a double count bpm (for me completely gadjet) assignable to the way you want, but they rarely show the corect bpm, the limit is to use tap you on tape adire rhythmically and safiche bpm ( and yet I have noticed sometimes a diference between the tempo display).

The crossfader curve is adjustable and progressive manner, while particularly j'apreci this feature! davoir thus allows a cross cut ki (utilistaion pluto hiphop) or ki way back gradually (pluto tek house ...).


The general configuration of the table is almost identical to that of a djm, which makes it very easy to use, have very quickly taken in hand, we are lost and pa a taste for playing with effects and knob .

Section & Headphone precoute is provided: you can listen to (same effect), while mixed, have either of the preview track on the right and the master loreille loreille on the left, or just one or two or lotr ( master and route (s), master or route (s) on both ears). pa facil expliker a short, very full for me.

small defects that do bother me pa: the vertical fader channels increases the more rapidly the limit on the start of the race. (Sufi know the handle and roll ca).


I use it on a sound system 2 * 1000 watt jbl in and night with its less powerful system, I never noted for air, cracking intenpestif, nor even in the headphone.

equalizer (severe acute medium) of each channel is adjusted and is missing teeth and are subjec pa sajouter to kill himself that very well already cut the frequency. (I really will appreciate the fact that the way we enjoy it even an equalizer and talk over the asser ke nice to track down the volume during a speech, the more you can adjust it).


Here I own the DJX from the very beginning in 2004, which is my atire its look but also the function that it has seen its price (we found a 235 euro in Germany and slightly more in France).
If it again I will not hesitate, however, 10 months of use (I used every day practical and easy 4, 5 pm, I trinballer in teuf a right to left, and not move) is not to my taste asser whether it will resist most is my second longtemps.De mixer off my first was very very low end I never had the pleasure of trying / listen to a reputed marqur Rodec, allen & heat, etc ... So I can be the judge exelente ke so I lack experience.

to see the manufacturer's website, it contains pictures of the table, the Instruction Manual.