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Denon DJ DN-X1500
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Publié le 10/31/08 à 16:00
No everything a dj needs

Price paid



Very easy


Hi All Here is my review on the Denon DN-X1500 Pro DJ Mixer. Fist of all I just want to say that the cross fader is like butter, the cuts, scratches sound like I was doing it from a sampler or it was computer controlled. The sound quality sounds so crisp as you can hear it for your self by checking out my DN-X1500 Videos here take in consideration that the video file is compress and you can still hear the sound quality the mixer has to offer. One think I love about this mixer is the headphone controls, only thing you have to do is just push a button and the cue turns off quickly plus you can turn one side of the headphone off from the mixer itself no more twisting your headphones like a pretzel”he he”, the sound is so load and clear that u can setback and relax and just listen to your dj set through the headphone alone. You can cue the sound effects through the headphone before making your mix. Now lets take about the effects. I love the flanger and the pan effect I think this is the best ones, that’s just my taste the effects are rack solid, no drifting no popping just straight up clean and crisp The Controls and slider knobs are very easy to pan over, nice and smooth. Now to the outputs, the digital Record out is the cleanest crisp audio you have ever heard in a Pro DJ mixer like this. This is review was written on the behalf of what I have tested and used so far. Thank You DJ A-L


The best

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Posted by: DJ A-L Rocks Well ( 1-, 2004)