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Denon DJ DN-X1500
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Publié le 03/19/04 à 16:01
* This console features 8 inputs assignable (8 lines 3 phono) freely to 4 lanes (which is very handy when ds is a configuration of several sources.
Penny & Giles crossfader * 45 mm adjustable with precise cutting and whose contact is made mtaux prcieux; channels are assignable notament (path a, b or post fader).
* Sampler with different settings including setting the point a and b
* See doc internal effects (a must try!)
* Auto bpm
* Digital Out SPDIF RCA in a constant flow rate 44.1 khz / output XLR also RCAet
* TRUE parametric equalizer with a three-band gain
* Boot out independent and assignable to all channels
* Adjust the headset very precise
* USB port to update the processor
* And finally return external effects send and store preset



- The handling is simple but care must be taken against the assignment but also a sampler in which manipulation can s'avrer a bit complex. the effects are simple and settings within easy reach, the manual is in french.
you want an opinion is great especially with the settings on offer


Here's the downside, I do not know if this is normal or not (I am being answer with denon France) but it has a wind noise to make it quite big in fact that the gene is at maximun knobs or no change ca not gain the wind noise is well There's a noise reducer, but it seemed obsolete. against by the sound balance when it is more noticeable, and found sound, but certainly a little digital sound of a clear and prcise gold mixtures of sounds has a good quality. when it has the hyper qualisateur prcis c c even embarrassing if we make no adjustment in this case is allowed to preset auto.


I bought a backing track for those who know not now done. I have almost been 2 weeks and I'm not really disappointed, I await the response from Denon for breath and the next update of the processor. what I like most is that it is fully configurable at will c genial and can fully exploit his talent. A report quality price no deception. strange as it may seem handling is simple and obvious that the last pioneer (909), with which I took the lead at SIEL. I have a pro-sm1 and I had a djm 500 and with this experience:
To summarize: NO REGRET