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Denon DJ DN-X1500
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Publié le 10/31/08 à 16:00
Love all the effects and the digital display settings. Theres about 8 diffrent effects on this machine and love each and one of them. prob better handling then all the pioneer mixers ive had over the last couple years. love the 4 channels. I like the USB connection on the back also just in case Denon has upgrades to any new effects and what not comming out in the next couple updates. The colored lights on this give it that cool look too. The best part on this mixer is the sampler and echo effects.

Price paid: 720.00 USD


Well i did not like the crossfader too much. also think all the knobs are a little off like the main mix control and some other knobs. it tends to be the same volume from 7-10 on the number scale showing how loud it is. Not a big deal still gets the job done.


Wow really love the sound on this mixer. sounds so crisp and so clean. sounds just as good as the pioneer 500 and 600 and prob even better..


This is a very built mixer. never had this repaired yet. The knobs on this mixer are very well built. the buttons for effects are very sturdy and the back panel with all the rca/qtr to qtr inch pluggins are very user friendly. not any problems here with quality

Well at first i thought this mixer would be garbage untill my buddy brought his denon x1500 over to my house. after that ive been hooked on this mixer ever since. The effects on this machine even make it better. well worth the money thanks denon

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Posted by: Bowl of weedies ( 7-, 2005)