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SuperClubber 09/18/2005

Ecler nuo4 : SuperClubber's user review


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Dj Console 11 inputs, 5 way. 3 band equalizer per track + killswitch on bass. Gain 15 dB per track. 2 XLR + RCA master outputs.
dpart effect on 4-track switch with pre / post.
Connection to the PC with USB connection for sending MIDI messages through the potentiometers of the environment.


Trs simple CASC, the manual is in French and well done. REFERENCE less clear that the march of my NSIS = Mackie but not bad.
The functionality of a USB connection on a PC is fabulous because it is used to control a virtual mixing software directly from the conbsole!
It's absolutely g-nial! It is also possible to use the knobs to CONTRL software such as Reason and Rebirth in MIDI! In fact it is this feature that made me dpenser about 200 more for the Nuo4 while a Nuo 2 or 3 would have sufficed. I'm not.


The quality looks nickel, and finally nothing to do with my old mixer. Curves qualisation can really change the sound without losing too much momentum.
Being able to add 15 dB of gain per track is particularly apprciable connects computer to play mp3 trs whose level is variable.


I bought it yesterday! It is great and totally rpond my expectations. Anyway with a price of more than 700, I expected something that explodes my old mixing desk. I expect my next night to see what was going to give, I hate to be.