Numark 5000FX
Numark 5000FX

5000FX, 4+ Channel Mixer from Numark.

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douxxxx 05/21/2013

Numark 5000FX : douxxxx's user review

«  Versatile - Reliable - Midrange »

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See description on the website of the manufacturer or dealer, versatile table 5WAY, two microphone inputs, assigned to each track effects, etc..


No need to book, everything is clear and well-ordered on the mixer.

The functions are quite good overall, faders, EQ, Microphone, Gain, what standard table.

The effects are low-end, but used in small doses by a little fiddling and putting down the volume.

5WAY is pretty good, the turntables, microphone, and practice in the evening when you say 'I have the song on my iPhone', and hop on the toy branch-RCA jack.

The gain this button on each track is convenient for 'boust' low read songs.

Display gain to whether the current song does not saturate.


The sound is clean, there are three outputs (Master, booth and record), which allows multiple amps, and register.

The EQ is just okay, but not accurate enough for the pro.

No breath perceived, it must be on the amp and the following speakers, but it can send heavy.


I use it for quite a few years and in comparison with using the low-end cheap as javais before it is day and night. At that price OCCAZ bah I do not regret at all, it's tough that's what I asked, the sound is clean enough for the beginner semi pro ... but think quickly end up if the evenings regularly.

The problem is rather on the effects a little poor but are sometimes useful.

But a good mix does not necessarily need to because it's all about quality / price ratio, and the table was and still is great for me at this level.


- 5-way
- Multiple outputs
- Robust (no plastic effect for my taste)
- Tone


- Effects (not very usable)
- The lack of precision of the EQ, which is still okay

I would do this choice because this table has put me in skill and I do not necessarily have the money to put in a DJM at the time ...