Numark 5000FX
Numark 5000FX

5000FX, 4+ Channel Mixer from Numark.

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)2eds 04/24/2008

Numark 5000FX : )2eds's user review


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allechamte on paper must admit the


Very easy to use, nothing to say, even if you will qques weeks before the well to have on hand (notably to play well with the sampler and effects)


Transparent? I am not so pro, I know everything quwe c is that after 7 months of use, I have had all my knobs which cracked, the faders, which produced a sal noise when I pushed a little of my mix (sometimes ahead fader only the left speaker works ... or a crack reaches the end), the fader effects that, even when it is at least heard the impact and who also cracked (very annoying when one uses j echo in a precise mix it breaks at all) ...


I have the mtn derpuis 11 months,
I must admit vrmt much fun to be m ...

the most: the effects very very good (and respond to another view, the effects are very easy assignable to the microphone! just as for other channels to press the button above the FX channel, a great price caracteristiaue its good for a beautiful table, a JOGL for special effects in the beginning but over time we do not know s the way) BUT ...

Cons: c is the problem that is a very poor finish, mediocre quality of this mix: great preniers the month and then come the first problem. J have tried a brand whose quality items was subject to controversy and I regret it ...

j ai before she had a gemini: deception also, I have had the opportunity to mix on a Berhinger ... just as rotten, its posseseur mememe said the choise: Although at the beginning and then comes after the 8 months and it s finished. j I also mix on the djm 600, there is no picture c is the foot. j I also mix in Rodec: no option but to bcp has a real beast of compet ... so many models in short ...

The value for money: Excellent in the beginning, no one at the end

with experience, I am sorry for the fan numark not save even a few day to pay me a better quality table that can take a long time: ecler? Pioneer? in allen heath? I do not know but more branded, even if c was a beautiful table that numark ..

EDIT: For an objective opinion, WAIT 1 YEAR OF USE! if you look at opinion super 5 / 5, it is advice mostly less than 6 months, which will (like me at first) that will then TERRIBLE the first problems ...

EDIT: voila, I descended again to the final: it is now unusable, all channels are out, sizzle, intersect after a year and about two months of use! Do not Catch Please Numark must clearly make progress in terms of product quality / components! I'm saving for one in allen heath or Rodec, you should do the same!